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A Big Ballroom and a pool for weddings and for celebrations that involved more than 1000 person.

Created within this seductive scenery & inspired by its historical surroundings & Byblos' cultural legacy, BYBLOS PALACE stands as more than merely a venue to eat, swim sleep and drink.

It invites its guests to take in the complete experience by divulging a world of food, design, elegance and utter bliss nested in renowned Lebanese hospitality and persona-lized service. It's about a Suntan Lounge shell-shaped pool for exclusivity and social-peeking seekers.

It's about restaurants with taste and character and pool-side bars hor highand tamed sensation lovers; it is about an arrogant but saucy beach for locally and regionally reputed to be a trendsetter in extravagant entertainment.

BYBLOS PALACE Resort is about class, it is about fine cuisine, it is about ressurecting Lebanese hospitality in a refreshing and innovative manner.

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